How Our Pre-Construction Approach Fosters Relationships

Starting earlier leads to better outcomes

One thing we’ve learned after nearly 40 years in business is the importance of engaging with our clients early in the pre-construction phase. We’ve built our organization on this model, and it’s one of the reasons why over 75% of our business comes from repeat clients or referrals. We’re grateful for the opportunity to establish partnerships with our clients early in the process, which helps us find ways to construct their buildings in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our pre-construction process follows the four main stages of construction design, from conceptual development, which is typically no more than a napkin sketch, all the way to the construction documents, where every aspect of the building has been designed, priced, and scheduled.

#1. Concept Development

With limited project information, we’re able to provide a rough conceptual budget using our database of historical pricing data, which includes information from over 28,000 apartment units.

#2. Schematic Design

We then work with both the owner and architect to put together schematic design documents, which typically include floor plans and elevations. With the additional project detail from these plans, we reanalyze the conceptual budget to provide a more accurate schematic budget and rough construction timeline.

#3. Design Development

Collaborating closely with the architect, we provide continuous input as design development drawings are developed in order to keep costs and schedule in line with the schematic budget. Once we solicit bids from subcontractors, we provide a design development budget along with scope clarifications, so our clients know exactly what they are getting for that cost up front.

#4. Permitting/GMP

During this phase, we continue to work with the design team to steer the overall budget alignment as construction documents are completed. We’re then able to solicit another round of bids from subcontractors to finalize pricing. From there, a guaranteed maximum price is provided along with a finalized schedule.