McShane Construction Company has established a proactive safety program, bringing our “Safety First, Last & Always” mindset to all areas where we do business.

Protecting our clients, employees, subcontractors and the public is our top priority. To do this, McShane employs a team of safety professionals whose primary responsibility is to monitor and actively participate in safety inspections and workshops at each project site. Our professionals prepare and implement safety plans with the project team and on-site field supervision that requires all subcontractors to be in line with our strict safety protocols.

As a Gold Member of the OSHA Alliance through the Associated General Contractors of America, we are required to implement measures that are more stringent than those found in the Code of Federal Regulations. These enhanced measures have allowed the firm to obtain the highest level possible in the partnership which is a cornerstone of the safety culture within the company.

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“Safety First, Last & Always” is a philosophy that we have ingrained in our culture.

McShane’s Experience Modification Factor is significantly lower than the industry average.

McShane also requires each member of the construction team to be OSHA 30-Hour trained. This high level of education allows each member of the construction team to analyze the work that is intended to be performed from multiple aspects, which drastically reduces the possibility for areas to be overlooked throughout the construction sequence.

The McShane Construction Safety Manual is an integral part of each construction project. While the program outlines the general safety aspects that are expected to be encountered on our projects, it also allows for each project to be extensively evaluated, ensuring that each aspect of the project is properly analyzed to develop the safety measures needed to complete the project without incident.