Urbanization and Industrial Development

Written by: Charlie Stone, Vice President & Regional Manager and Ed Rodriguez, Director of Project Management

Urbanization and its Implications on Industrial Development

Viable land sites are increasingly scarce throughout California, and those that are available are being sold at a premium. As a result, many developers are left scrambling to find affordable dirt for their industrial developments. This poses challenges, as most of these sites have complicated geotechnical and environmental issues, such as liquefaction potential, differential settlement potential, expansive soils and contaminated soils that need to be addressed prior to the site become usable.

It is important to select a general contractor early in the development process that possesses the knowledge and experience in assembling ground improvement experts necessary to guarantee the success of the project. McShane offers unique expertise in this area by understanding these assignments from a developer’s perspective and offering our extensive experience with design-build projects.

We are accustomed to managing the due diligence process by bringing in geotechnical, civil and structural consultants. Our team works to identify the problem areas, then offers multiple engineering options as potential solutions. We work collaboratively with the developer and consultants to customize a solution that will fit the needs of the project in terms of budget and schedule.

Working with the right team of experts often results in creative strategies that will bring a development to life. On a recent project in the Bay Area, the site selected for development was located in a flood plain and the most viable solution was to raise the entire 32-acre site 11 feet off the bay. Currently, we are underway with construction on a complex site that had both liquefaction potential and differential settlement potential. A custom-catered solution included wick drains and deep dynamic compaction to mitigate any potential geological issues.

Ground improvements require complex engineering solutions and extensive coordination effort. It is imperative to work with a collaborative general contractor with experience assembling a team of experts who have local knowledge throughout California and can provide multiple solutions tailored to fit your budget and schedule.