McShane Beat the Heat with Summer Safety

Written by: Dennis Rumshas, Vice President – Safety & Risk Management

McShane Beat the Heat with Summer Safety

Protecting our clients, employees, subcontractors and the public is our top priority. To do this, McShane employs a team of safety professionals whose primary responsibility is to monitor and actively participate in safety inspections and workshops at each project site. Our professionals prepare and implement safety plans with the project team and on-site field supervision that requires all subcontractors to be in line with our strict safety protocols.

During the summer months it is especially important to be conscious of what we’re doing to keep our workers safe. With average temperatures in many parts of the country exceeding 90 degrees in June, July and August, it’s easy to be at risk for sunburns, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke, so we must be extra diligent. This year, we had a very safe summer. In fact, McShane Construction ended the summer with zero incidents. We are very proud of this statistic and look forward to staying safe for the rest of the year and beyond.

Here are a few of the things that helped us have such a safe summer.

Making sure that workers stay hydrated is one of the key factors when working in hot weather. We make sure that every single one of our job site trailers have water available at all times.

Sometimes, even just taking a short break from the sun and heat can make a huge difference. At pre-construction meetings, we inform our foremen that their workers can take a break from the hot weather in the air conditioned trailer at any time.

Although it is necessary to ensure that workers are wearing all of their proper safety gear at all time, even in the summer months modifications can be made to workers’ clothing to combat the heat. Lightweight and light colored safety apparel provides more breathability and helps to reflect the sun to keep workers cool.

At our job sites in the southern United States, it can get dangerously hot during the summer, putting laborers at a high risk for heat illness. To ensure the safety of our crews, we sometimes opt to modify work schedules so that workers are able to operate at night when it is cooler.

By preparing workers to recognize the signs of heat illness, they can watch for these symptoms in both themselves and others. If these signs do appear, the person in question is able to get out of the sun and get hydrated before their health is put at serious risk.

We keep a close eye on the weather and inform our employees in regards to what type of conditions they will be working in. Summer storms can develop rapidly and we make sure to keep track of lightning strikes near our job sites.

Thank you to our field operations team for keeping all of our workers safe this summer. We appreciate your passion and dedication to creating a safe work environment.

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