Preparation area at DO & CO LAX kitchen facility

McShane Completes Second DO & CO Facility Near LAX

McShane Completes Second DO & CO Facility Near LAX

Jeffrey A. Raday, President of McShane Construction Company, is pleased to announce that the firm has completed a 69,466-square-foot facility on behalf of DO & CO Catering near Los Angeles International Airport, representing the second assignment completed by the firm on behalf of the Austrian-based catering company. The facility provides first-class, in-flight food services to airlines serving international destinations.

The food and beverage tenant improvement assignment encompassed over 18,000 square feet of commercial kitchen space to facilitate meal preparation for DO & CO’s operations, including multiple freezer and cooler areas, dry storage, produce storage and a bakery. Nearly 12,000 square feet of office space was also completed. The food preparation facility meets FDA food handling and preparation standards and supports both halal and non-halal foods.

“We are delighted to have been selected by DO & CO Catering to complete the sophisticated food preparation building for the Redondo Beach location in California,” remarked Raday. “This is our second project working with this client and we are proud to have produced an additional location in the Southern California market.”

MCA Architects provided the architectural services for this assignment.