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Importance of the Design-Build Method for Industrial Projects

Importance of the Design-Build Method for Industrial Projects

Written By: Tom Beres, Regional Vice President – Industrial

Our design-build approach has been key to our nearly 40 years of industrial project success. On design-build projects, we are engaged by the client prior to the start of design, and we assume the responsibility and risk for the services provided by our design professionals and consultants.

The top two benefits of this approach are cost and schedule guarantees for our clients early in the process. This has become especially important over the past two years as we have experienced long lead times, cost escalations, and shortages of key materials. With design-build, we have the ability to react to changing market conditions very quickly and tailor the design through value engineering and scope changes.

During the design phase, we can provide alternate options for the owner to evaluate before construction begins to keep the project on schedule and budget without compromising quality, and it is relatively easy to make these changes. With plan and spec projects, we don’t receive the drawings until they’re completed, which makes it much more difficult to make changes if materials become unavailable or costs rise midway through a project.

Additionally, design-build projects offer the benefit of the same project team from day one. This provides continuity for the client as there is no loss of information due to a handoff of the team, and they have a single point of contact for all design and construction matters.

With design-build, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their budget, schedule, and the quality of their project are prioritized throughout the entire construction process.